Delivery Date Cape Town and Surrounds: Tuesday, 3 November 2020

Delivery Date Cape Town and Surrounds: Tuesday, 17 November 2020

Please email the order sheet back to if doing a manual order

Green Way brings together the finest brands and freshest produce from responsible and, where possible, naturally grown sources around the Western Cape. We support small local and emerging farmers and producers, promoting a sustainable future for all.  We’re passionate about the products we carry and proudly encourage a healthier lifestyle. 

Every time you purchase from Green Way, you are not just supporting 1 small business, you are supporting at least two or more small local businesses! How awesome is that!

As we work on per kg prices for most of our products we are unable to give you exact totals until our product is ready for delivery, thus ANY totals given here are APPROXIMATE and SUBJECT TO CHANGE.

An invoice with the correct totals will be issued to you a day or two before delivery.

EFT payments are to please REFLECT in our FNB account by the date of delivery.

Orders need to be in 2 weeks before delivery! As we are dealing with fresh produce, some things need time to grow, meats need to be sourced and processed, meals need to be cooked, etc. For all of this, we need some advance prep time and 2 weeks seems to be best. Please bear in mind we also work on limited stock on some items and it is' first come first served'. Should your item be sold out, you will be notified on your invoice.

A delivery fee will be added to your final invoice depending on where you are situated. We deliver everywhere in Cape Town and surrounds

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