Responsibly sourced.

Naturally grown.

Personally Delivered


Support Sustainable

We source, supply and personally deliver farm fresh, naturally grown meat (chicken, beef, lamb, pork), ostrich, venison, as well as fish, dairy, raw honey. From herbs and spices,  naturally laid farm fresh eggs,  to kombucha, dried fruit and nuts and  home made meals. We also take care of your pets with a range of DIY raw feeding and other pet products.

For your convenience we include Eco-friendly home and personal care products, heritage seeds, preserves and so much more.

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We bring together the finest brands and freshest produce from responsible and naturally grown / manufactured sources around the Western Cape, and personally deliver them to your door. We support local farmers and producers, promoting a sustainable future for all. We’re passionate about the products we carry and proudly encourage a healthier lifestyle. We pay top dollar for our products as we feel our suppliers deserve it!

Where possible we source organic produce from certified organic suppliers. However, we still support farmers and manufacturers who, although they do not have certification, still practice naturally grown, old fashioned principles. We do farm/site visits to ensure this is in fact the case. We feel that those who are unable, for whatever reason, to get these certifications, should not be cast aside, especially when their product is outstanding, as all our goods are.

Nosh by Nats

* Fresh from the farm kitchen*

Home made meals using only the best free-range and where possible natural ingredients.

* Meals * Stocks * Sweets and Desserts * Pantry Items * New Vegan and Plant based meals

* Gluten free wraps * Personalised Cooking * New hand made ice cream range

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